Economical contribution is fundamental to the Parrot Project, as the number of servers needed to keep the infrastructure operational is constantly growing and is something our Core Developers could not afford without the generous assistance of our community. Together we can continue to do the work that needs to be done!

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Bitcoin Address (NEW - 2019/08/20)

BTC: 1PaRrotouWgDVeiGTaoGRdXYQdFcjoo7fw
BTC SegWit: bc1qf9krvsmktwkjge2rfaug08233zh20l3a0dlyk4

former address was: 1NB1xDyiSigYNL5gaNXANvP6bYmHr77N1Q


Litecoin Address

LTC: LR5Lxq2M5ijEgLryi6aNd2iFMpxT7pgEKL


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Even if we host most of our infrastructure on bare metal servers, some of our nodes (CDN edge nodes etc) is hosted on famous cloud providers that provide referral programs.


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